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Dr Hollander is hands down the most skilled, knowledgeable, patient, compassionte, and professional eye doctor I have ever worked with. As a person living with low-vision, I would not trust anybody else with my eye health. His expertise is exceptional and his bedside manner make him truly one of a kind. I can't speak more highly of him and his practice.
5 months ago
- Rebecca A.
Dr Hollander is not only a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable, but he is as patient and kind and thoughtful as any physician I’ve encountered. I recommend him and his whole team without reservation.
5 months ago
- Alan P.
Dr. Hollander is the absolute BEST! I have a serious corneal condition called keratoconus, which is a a bulging of the cornea outward into a cone shape. It makes it extremely hard to see anything b/c the cornea is not able to filter out light sufficiently, so regular contacts and eyeglasses are useless. I had went to some specialists who told me my only option was corneal transplants, and I felt pretty low….but then I was referred to Dr. Hollander (from specialists who he had taught and trained). From my first visit, Dr. Hollander and his staff were warm, welcoming, reassuring and 💯 professional. Most importantly, Dr. Hollander told me “we got this, not to worry…” and he did. He fitted me with special lenses specifically for keratoconus that flattened out the cornea, and I had great vision for the first time in like 20 years! It was life-altering! My left cornea was worse than my right, but he worked with me (and that eye) to fit me with the proper lens! I’ve been going to him for almost 20 years. He always is so positive and at the cutting edge of advances in the field, that I feel so positive after having my eyes checked. He is That Guy! Cannot recommend him enough!!
6 months ago
- Sani W.
I have been going to Dr. Hollander since 1999. I can't recommend him enough. I won't go to another practice for my eye exams. He's honest, knowledgeable, never tries to sell me anything, and is always pleasant and polite. I can't recommend him and his team enough.
6 months ago
- Zakia S.
I have been seeing Dr. Hollender for years, and I am extremely satisfied with the services he provides. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure his patients feel comfortable and happy. I consider his expertise to be a blessing and a tremendous help for my vision concerns.
7 months ago
Very pleasant experience with Dr. Hollander. He was very attentive, took the time to thouroughly examine my eyes and answer all my questions. Thank you.
8 months ago
- Lily F.
My wife and I think Dr Hollander is the best. He knows his stuff, he's on time, thorough, and he's a fun good guy. He treated my scratched eye with an amniotic membrane that speeds healing. Worked great. Also, although he knew I was going to be fine he gave me his number to call if my eye started hurting - a kind offer, and for me it had a calming effect. His office team is fast and efficient. Same thing when I do the yearly eye exam. I can't say enough good stuff...but there's some of it.
11 months ago
- preston r.