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Located in Midtown Manhattan, 43rd St. between 5th and 6th Ave.

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5 stars for sight improvement center, I don't have to shop for another eye doctor and eyeglass store!I have tried 2 other places (one had a free eye exam, but a pair of basic eyeglasses with the seriously cheap frames would cost me $150 even with my great insurance; other place urged me that I needed $350 eyeglasses).At sight improvement center, the optometrist really listened, and asked me what was wrong. After doing some tests, she told me there's only a slight difference in the eyeglasses I was currently using so there's really no point in getting new ones, unless I really wanted to. She also said that my headache symptoms are just caused by not enough breaks to rest my eyes (I work on the computer all day). As for their shop, the lady told me to feel free to look around and see which frames I liked. I felt very welcome, trying on a bunch of frames. After picking my top 3, I brought it to her and she reviewed how they look on me truthfully. She noted that I don't have a high nose bridge, so she pointed me to a brand which could add the feet - and I found my lovely purple frames that I love! Total cost was only $120 for sturdy Denmark glasses, with the added feet and the protective coating. I am so glad I found this place!

- Jainnielyn C. Queens, NY